An ad for Cinnamon Toast Crunch in collaboration with Spotify featuring an emerging LA-based artist Cuco. Throughout it Cuco tells how he has stayed creative during the wild and uncertain 2020. This project was created in collaboration with animation studio Mummu along with an amazing team who helped bring it to life through fluid and psychedelic animations.
Visual and style development as well as some clean-up animation by me. Directed by Sam Atkin and Karl Hammond.

Produced & Directed by Mummu
Animation Directors: Sam Atkin & Karl Hammond
2D Animation: Alex Potts, Chiara Sgatti, Katie Taysum, Emma Wakley
Clean-Up: Mark Abbott, Pafo Gallieri, Jack Gould, Alex Potts, Mindaugas Suchockas, Katie Taysum, Emma Wakley, Inga Ziemele
Compositors: Raf Aflalo, Luke Simpson
Sound Design: Marco Martini
Agency: Quickframe
Agency Producer: Dillon Wilensky